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Storm+ Neoprene Gloves

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OVERVIEW: Our Neoprene gloves are designed to provide all weather protection against both dry cold and wet cold conditions. The beauty of the Neoprene fabric is it effectively employs the user's body heat to form a barrier against harsh conditions. The trapping of warmth and/or warmed moisture creates a layer of insulation against the cold. They are recommended for cold and wet conditions and temperatures between 4° - 15° C. The snug fitting, stretchiness of Neoprene ensures user dexterity is maintained, even in wet weather conditions.

FABRIC DETAILS & CONSTRUCTION: Unlike other types of rubber, Neoprene is extremely durable and resists natural degradation, making it a good choice for activewear applications. Neoprene because of it's innate design, is a closed cell foam that trap thousands of insulating gas bubbles. This means, in dry, cold weather, the user is warmed by their own trapped body heat. In cold wet weather, the fabric traps a tiny layer of water against the skin and warms it with body heat. Think of a surf wet suit, for your hands.


  • Neoprene stretch fabric, 25mm thickness main body fabric
  • Silicone dots for grip on palm
  • Reflective features

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