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Alpine Thermal 3/4 RT Bib Tights Men's

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OVERVIEW: Reflective Cycling ClothingThe Alpine Thermal 3/4 Bibs, with Reflective Technology (RT) on the left thigh and calf grippers, is an excellent choice for low-light, fall and winter rides, early morning training or cold-weather commuting. Bibs with a 3/4 length are not only a great alternative to regular (non-thermal) bibs with knee warmers because of the thermal coverage in the torso and thighs, they are also a good choice in wet conditions since full-length thermals may soak up road spray and splash below the knee, actually making you colder on the bike. That is why you'll see most cyclocross bibs and skinsuits in the 3/4 length.


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Josh, Brand ManagerEMPLOYEE RECOMMENDATION: "My knees are perpetually cold during the fall and spring. I find myself wearing knee warmers most of time in these seasons. The Alpine ¾ is perfect! The Lombardia fabric is incredible for regulating temperature. I never feel like I am over-heating and I am always amazed at how low the temperature can get before I start to get cold. The RT is the perfect companion during these times of the year when the days are shorter and getting out after work seems to always find me returning in the dark." - Josh, Brand Manager

CAUTION! Sunscreen can damage RT fabric. Learn more »

PAIR WITH: Pair with the Cascade RT Jacket for top-to-bottom cold-weather defense and 360° reflectivity. Add a Neck Gaiter and Thermal Cap and you'll be warm in temperatures down into the 30's. Or, pair with the Alpine Thermal RT Jersey and you also have top and bottom reflectivity while being perfectly outfitted for temperatures in the 50's.

FABRICS & CONSTRUCTION: Italian MITI® Lombardia stretch fabric, featured throughout the body and straps of the bib will be soft and cozy against your skin. Due to its high-performing breathability, it not only keeps you warm and dry, but prevents you from over-heating as you put in those cold-weather miles. Built with Pactimo’s signature Silhouette™ Engineering, these bibs use innovative articulation and a unique strap and front panel design to allow you to enjoy longer rides with less material bunching, chaffing and discomfort. The Alpine Thermal RT 3/4 bibs feature Elastic Interface™ Liege Carbonium chamois for exceptional freedom of movement and comfort. Stretchy calf grippers and a left side thigh strip have been designed with reflective fabric from Plastotex, an innovative Italian manufacturer. This revolutionary fabric has refractive elements impregnated directly into the cloth that “explode” with brightness when illuminated by exposure from direct light, such as a car’s headlights.


  • 4.5cm reflective leg band grippers for maximum visibility
  • Designed with Silhouette™ Engineering
  • Elastic Interface™ Liege Carbonium chamois
  • Italian MITI® Lombardia Thermal stretch fabric>
  • Plastotex Pixel® Reflective fabric
  • Breathable mesh uppers
  • 100% flatlock stitching
  • 20" inseam (51.5 cm)

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