Premium Italian-Made Chamois

Summit Stratos 12-Hour ChamoisSummit Stratos & Summit Stratos Range Bib Chamois

This is the 2nd Generation Endurance Anatomic Super Air chamois used in the ultra-long distance Summit Stratos 12-Hour and Summit Stratos Range Bibs. Our development team worked specifically with the experts at Elastic Interface® to custom-design this updated version of our award-winning 12-hour chamois to make it even better. The new skin-contact fabric is Recycled Eco X-Fifty, which has a textured design to aid in moisture transfer and unparalleled all-day comfort over any terrain.

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Summit Stratos 12-Hour ChamoisSummit Classic Bib Chamois

This is the Endurance Anatomic Super Air chamois used in the minimalist, elegant Summit Classic Bibs & Shorts. It's been uniquely designed to our exact specifications by Italian manufacturer Elastic Interface® to offer the ultimate in comfort for extreme endurance activities.

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Summit Stratos 12-Hour ChamoisSummit Strike Bib & Tellus Short Liner Chamois

Intended for ultracycling and extra-long distance rides, Road Performance Force is Elastic Interface®’s newest cycling pad and makes its debut in the Summit Strike Bib and the Tellus Short Liners. Its design is developed for male and female anatomies with a central channel improving blood flow and reducing pressure and numbness. 

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Summit Raptor and Flash ChamoisSummit Raptor Bib Chamois

The Road Performance Force Hybrid chamois, developed by Italian manufacturer Elastic Interface®, has been designed to provide superb comfort on long distance rides. They are used exclusively in our Summit Raptor  bibs.

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Elastic Interface Paris Chamois for Ascent Bibs & Shorts

Ascent Chamois: Bibs & Shorts

The Paris chamois from have been uniquely developed for men and women for both road and off-road activities. Perforations on the surface allow for higher air permeability, resulting in lower skin temperature and reduced moisture buildup. The are featured in our Ascent bibs and shorts.

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Ascent Chamois for Skinsuits

Ascent Chamois: Skinsuits

The Liege Carbonium Men’s and Endurance 2 Carbonium Women's chamois from The Elastic Interface® is used in our Ascent Skinsuits for men and women. They are made with a special microfibre, Carbonium thread, and has a futuristic design, developed to guarantee good protection thanks to its dual densities construction.

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Men's Tri Comp Chamois

Tri Shorts & Suits Chamois

The Tri Comp from Elastic Interface® is the perfect combination between an essential and slim fitting tri pad and a protective road pad, for greater comfort over longer triathlon races.

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Elastic Interface®

Elastic Interface Cycling Shorts Chamois

Elastic Interface® is the Italian brand that gives its name to a wide range of hi-tech cycling pads, born towards the end of the nineties, laying the foundation for the CyTech company, created in 2000. Today, their thermo-formed anatomic pads with multi thicknesses and gel, are recognized as the best chamois in the industry. Visit them at

About Elastic Interface





It is common knowledge that the sitting position causes significant pressure on the gluteal, ischial and perineal area. But what is less well known is that there are other factors that can alter the pressure points. These factors include the position on the saddle, the type of bicycle (road, MTB and city bike) and gender. Data obtained in our laboratories confirms how even small alterations to the saddle position translate into improved symmetry in the down stroke, improved cycling output and reduced oxygen consumption at a constant wattage…



Bacteriostasis has always been a very important factor for Elastic Interface: being BACTERIOSTASIC is not the same concept as being ANTIBACTERIAL. An antibacterial treatment tends to eliminate all bacteria, including the kink that normally lives on the skin, however the presence of bacteria on the skin is essential for fighting the development of external and potentially pathogenic bacterial colonies…