Leif Kruse

Leif Kruse cycling clothing artist

Boulder, CO

Painting and drawing are Leif Kruse's mediums of choice and he's been experimenting with them since early childhood. His work has evolved over the years and he says, will likely continue to do so indefinitely. Leif's father, Torsten Kruse, is a classical, historic maritime painter; and helped nurture involvements in the arts from early on. Leif has said that his main influences include his father, Francis Bacon, Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Cezanne, Toulouse-Lautrec, as well as new artists and experiences he encounters each day.

Due to what he has called an "abnormal" and somewhat nomadic childhood, Leif has a true thirst for traveling. Growing up he lived in many different places, including a sailboat for several years, and ended up settling in Florida where he attended high school and then Flagler College, a small liberal arts college with a renowned art program. After graduation, Leif was on the road again and following a brief stint on Maui found himself In Boulder, Colorado, where he still resides. Today he enjoys everything the Rockies have to offer, especially with regard cycling.

Outside of art and his day job, road and mountain biking are Leif's priorities. Just being outdoors in beautiful scenery is enough to calm his mind and inspire ideas. He usually has many paintings going at the same time, and from time to time, he says, may even finish one! The outdoor lifestyle has also led Leif to become a co-founder of a new online journal, La Chasse Sans Fin, which is a site related to the amateur sporting experience and is a place to share photos, stories, and anything else related to cycling and other outdoor activities that coincide with the experience.

Visit Leif's website: www.leifkruse.com
and online journal: www.lachassesansfin.com
Instagram: @leifkruse