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TCR05: Tosh & Lauder and a Morning Ride

09 May 2017 1 Comment

TCR05: Tosh & Lauder and a Morning Ride

The TCR05: Tosh & Lauder blog will be devoted to following Ian Tosh and Neil Lauder as they prepare and participate in the Transcontinental Race an annual, self-supported, ultra-distance cycling race across Europe.

Trial and error. Testing bits and bobs for one of the toughest races in the world

 Every day is a school day; preparation and planning is key.

The plan was to simply catch up one morning this weekend to try out a few things, such as our civvies, our new Pactimo kit and my jetboil that has been sitting in the garage unused for the last 3 years. 

Ian & Neil
Bus stop on the A20 road in Kent. As bus stops go, this gets a firm rating of 4/5.

"Let's meet at a bus stop" Ian said to Neil, one they were familiar with, one that we knew would be accessible (20 miles from Ian 10 from Neil) and we could get the jetfoilPactimo Clothing cranked up, chat about how our weeks have been while in jersey and shorts alone in
our bivvie bags for a short while then go for a spin before heading off on our ways and getting home before our families awake.

0430hrs Ian's alarm set off and he rode down to the proposed meeting point where he received a phone call from Neil that went something like this:

Neil: "You have just gone passed me."
Ian: "Na mate, never seen you."
Neil: "I'm lying by the side of the road."
Ian: "Mate, are you joking, I never seen you."

Ian met Neil who had been out on his bike from 0300hrs riding around the lanes of Kent looking for a garage to "borrow" and a few non-reusable coffee cups for their breakfast, which they garnished with a Danish pastry. 

Ian & Tosh
Breakfast of Danish pastries and home made coffee/tea. Ian sporting the endurance shorts.

50 meters up the road they stopped for our break where they done the aforementioned. Few miles in the legs and then headed on our ways, chatting about the usual cyclist chat of power, watts, fuel, training and carbon. 


Not for the faint of heart

TCR05 with Tosh & Lauder

This year's race, the TCR No. 5, begins at 10 p.m. on Friday, July 28, 2017 at Geraardsbergen in Belgium and concludes in Meteora in central Greece. 

At the start will be two mates who met through bike racing in their local county, Ian Tosh and Neil Lauder. Both are Category 2 riders who have participated in local, national and international races, such as the Belgian Kermesse, who feel the time is right "to escape into the unknown and race across Europe before our kids get too old and our partners change their minds!"

Tosh & Lauder - Transcontinental Race
Tosh & Lauder on a weekend trip to Tour Of Flanders, 2 days with 15 hours in the saddle. 


Pactimo is thrilled to be the clothing partner for Tosh and Lauder as they prepare to embark on one of the most challenging cycling events in the world.

You can follow their adventure and experiences on this blog or on Facebook at

Read more about them at


Neil Lauder - Transcontinental Race
Neil Lauder sampling the tailored, wind and waterproof Gore-Tex bivvie bags which they will use for "accommodation" throughout the trip.

Tosh & Lauder Transcontinental Race
Their t
raining bike setup. 

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Michael Cripps
Michael Cripps

10 May 2017

Great banter lads keep it up…

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The TCR5: Tosh & Lauder blog is devoted to following Ian Tosh and Neil Lauder as they prepare and participate in the Transcontinental Race an annual, self-supported, ultra-distance cycling race across Europe.

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