Women's Thermal Tights featuring Clip&Pit™

Bibs can typically be, well, challenging when it comes to bathroom breaks

But, with our easy Clip&Pit™ design you can answer the call of nature without having to remove your jersey to pull off bibs straps.

Storm+ Thermal Bib Tights featuring Clip&Pit™ make pit stops easy!

Just unclip the chest strap and the stretchy construction of the uppers and waist girdle allow you to easily pull the bib down as you bend into the natural position for relieving yourself.


Other features in Storm+ Thermal Bib Tights include... 

We engineered these bib tights with a cozy, brushed fleece interior and a Durable Water Repellent (DWR-coated) exterior.

For additional protection, we strategically paneled a 3-layer waterproof fabric that covers the lower-back and chamois areas (saddle touchpoints) exposed to cold road spray.

For added safety in low-light, winter conditions we used super bright (350+ lumens) reflective logos and rear calf strips (reflective in motion is ideal for optimal visibility).

These thermal water repelling tights have been designed specifically for chilly conditions where rain, drizzle and road spray may be present during your ride. They are ideal for conditions one would normally associate with the Pacific Northwest, but because of their excellent breathability and 3-season usability are also a great choice for rides or commuting in temperatures between 30 - 55° F.

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