Riding Garden of the Gods

The towering red rock formations of the Garden of the Gods come alive when you ride through the free Visitor and Nature Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Garden of the Gods is one of our favorite cycling destinations in our beautiful home state. We love the geology, plants, animals of this amazing 1,334-acre regional park, and find one of the best ways to take it all in is cruising through on your bike. 


Cycling Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado

This incredible city-owned park is truly a one of a kind experience, and exploring it during any of the season will yield a remarkably different experience. The site is a National Natural Landmark, having been recognized by the Department of the Interior as "a nationally-significant natural area."

Cycling Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado

The park offers towering sandstone formations, a wonderful view of the 14,115 foot Pikes Peak, paved and unpaved hiking paths, the historic Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site and a living history museum which was placed on the National Register for Historic Places in 1971.

to the city of Colorado Springs in 1909 by the children of railroad magnate Charles Elliot Perkins, the park was given with the understanding that it be kept forever open and free to the public. As a result, this amazing park can always be enjoyed free of charge. And, when you're not exploring on your bike, you can enjoy plenty of non-cycling activities, including guided nature walks, hiking, horseback riding trails and technical rock climbing.


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Words by Tony Kelsey / Photos by Adam Pawlikiewicz


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